Thursday, December 30, 2021

No, Celebrity Cruises, it really isn't actually....


Yeah, I get that people are anxious to get back to vacationing.  I have been waiting to go on a paid-for trip to Croatia since June 2020.  So while I will never understand the attraction of traveling via floating hotel/casino/restaurant, I totally get the idea of doing something other than Staying At Home.  

But a cruise ship where you're basically trapped with hundreds of other people for days at a time as you all crawl from one tourist destination to another while COVID is still, not at all.  I've never wanted to get away THAT badly.  Cruises have always looked like a colossal bore anyway.  A colossal bore which includes denied entry into included destinations, the possibility of serious illness and quarantine, all for much, much more than I'll pay for air travel and hotels on any of my trips to Europe.  Oh but I don't get the casinos and the big pools which I'd miss if I ever wanted to just hang out in a giant hotel with a bunch of mostly old (I don't care what they show in these ads, the average cruise ship passenger is a wealthy 50-year old white guy) tourists who are on cruises because God Knows Why- they can't find their preferred strain of COVID in their home suburbs, or what?

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