Friday, December 24, 2021

On it's Thirtieth Anniversary, This is Still My All-Time Favorite Holiday Commercial


"So much shopping to do for my family before Christmas, what do I buy everyone?  Especially since there's so many people, and I want to buy something for myself too!  What a dilemma!"

"Wait!  I've got it!  I'll buy everybody in my family EYEGLASSES and CONTACT LENSES!  That's a GREAT IDEA!  I mean, I remember how much they all appreciated those flu vaccines I got them for their birthdays, and when I treated them to new Corrective Shoes even though I had already bought them shoes several years ago for absolutely no reason!"

"I mean, what could make a better gift than something that will cut down on their headaches and their walking into things like walls and traffic and may even improve their school grades?  What a great mom I am! Maybe next year I'll buy them all haircuts for Christmas- as long as I can do it and still have money to buy myself something, of course!"

Meanwhile, I'm guessing that this woman is spending Christmas 2021 wondering why her kids and grandchildren never visit anymore.  Maybe it's the Omicron variant?  No, wait- they haven't visited for a decade.  Must be something else.  

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