Sunday, May 15, 2022

MadTV saw this Geico Commercial coming more than a decade ago


This garbage graced my television more than 30 times yesterday during some sportsball event while I was just looking for some background noise while grading essays and writing final exams.  "Noise" turned out to be exactly right- apparently Geico thinks that the only thing it really needs to sell insurance these days is jarringly, obnoxiously loud commercials.   

The current horse being beaten to death is the "our house is perfect except...." bit, which is super stupid as a one-off but downright grating when it's repeated in a dozen or more "different" ways, none of which even hint at the quality of the product being sold.  Thanks again, Geico, for helping me wear out my mute button.

Meanwhile, I thought that there was something about this ad that sounded familiar, and a quick YouTube search proved me Not Quite Insane Yet:  Check out MadTV's use of muppets in a mock Geico ad from the good old days of yesteryear- err, about 2010 or so:


  1. And yet they still made the ad. As I said, they have no idea HOW to sell insurance so they just try to create brand awareness by being stupid and irritating. The idea is "If the ad is an abomination, I have to support the company."

    1. I take it as a good sign that comments are turned off.