Friday, November 18, 2022

The graveyards are filled with the "Brave"


Fortune might "favor the brave," but you know what favors your fortune?  Investing it in actual, physical assets and not imaginary (excuse me, "non-fungible") not-even-garbage-because-garbage-has-actual-potential-value "crypto currency."

Oh, but I'm sure Matt Damon is doing just fine.  He almost certainly got paid in that So Yesterday US Currency only scared little mice like me still use.  Neither of us is "brave" enough to get on board with crypto, right?


  1. They might as well call it "Dare To Be Robbed".

    1. In the good old days, we'd just dare each other to stick our tongues on to the flagpole in winter. I think Weird Al referred to this as "dare to be stupid."