Saturday, November 25, 2023

Again: Wendy's, nobody in their right mind would eat food prepared by these people!


I totally support the idea of hiring the mentally ill, but I draw the line when they feel free to start molesting customers. 

In this ad, not only does nobody on the crew have absolutely nothing to do but stare at a customer, but one of them has the effrontery to walk right up to that customer and initiate non-censual physical contact.  I smell a lawsuit.  A big one.

Maybe these weirdos should stick to coming up with "nicknames" for the Wendy's combo meals or whatever the hell they were doing in that other commercial.  At least they aren't getting all touchy-feely with the customers in that one. 

1 comment:

  1. Obviously the Wendy's marketing department took a cue from the Flo & company Progressive ads and thought coming up with a motley crew of employees of their own might catch on as well. Ha ha, she's the cynical one! And look, he's the wacky one! Ha Ha! Gosh, I could go for a Dave's double right now! Where are my car keys?