Saturday, November 4, 2023

Hey PETA- check out this Kia Sportage Commercial!


Thankfully, the eagle that seizes this woman's reason for living smartphone flew very slowly, very low, was careful to stay near the road (not that these douchenozzles would have stayed on the highway to avoid killing wildlife if the eagle had swerved away from the pavement) and built it's nest very low to the ground so that this stunningly entitled woman could rescue her soul phone from that nest. 

And as a bonus, as near as we can tell the eagle's heart didn't explode from being chased at high speed by a huge, noisy metal behemoth chasing it through the desert.  Nor- as near as we can tell- were any of its young injured because Disgusting Horrible Woman simply had to retrieve her drug phone instead of oh, I don't know, just getting another one in a few months which is probably what she had planned anyway. 

You suck, KIA.  You suck really, really hard.  I don't care if this is a CGI eagle or, as suggested in the comments, is the pet of some trainer.  The optics are terrible.  Do better. 

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