Monday, December 11, 2023

Five Points Concerning this Gross Jublia Ad


1.  This guy needs to stop grossing out his family and wear some socks.* 

2.  This kid needs to find something to do that keeps her attention so she isn't distracted by her dad's gross feet.**

3.  Is the doctor sitting in the living room with these people?  I don't understand how she's taking part in this conversation.

4.  Why is this kid yelling for mom?  Oh right- because dad's being stupid, and mom will fix this.  Mom fixes everything.  Because Television.

5.  Why are non-medical experts constantly being encouraged to Ask Their Doctor If This Drug Is Right For You?  Isn't that kind of their job already?  Oh right- yes, it's the doctor's job to diagnose and prescribe, but it's the patient's job to "helpfully suggest" expensive prescriptions rather than over-the-counter treatments- unless, of course, the problem is back pain, in which case it's Go Get a Salon Pas Patch and Get Out of My Office Already.  

*seriously, put on some socks you gross, weird little man.

**seriously.  I assume that this house has more than one room.  Is there a reason you're required to play eighteen inches from your father's disgusting toes?

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