Monday, January 1, 2024

I just needed a 15th Anniversary Commercial, and this one has a song, so....


'twas fifteen years ago
I started on my quest
to watch a lot of tv ads
I gave myself no rest
I had to find out for myself
if anyone shared my thought
that 99 percent of all the spots
were giving us all brain rot
I figured in a while
I'd run out of spots to mock
of commercials that just made me ill
and suffer from writer's block
but slowly it started to dawn on me
that no matter how long I waited
the ads, they just got worse and worse
the pain, it never abated
in fact, as hard as it was to believe
the stench it only got stronger
as the decade closed my sanity took its leave
or surely would not last much longer

Well, today it's been fifteen years 
and now I've accepted my fate
with burning eyes and bleeding ears
I know its now too late
to start a blog starring the cats 
(which in fact I don't live with me)
or recipes for food I don't cook
or political commentary
So here's to another fifteen years
with Fansville, Lilly and Flo
with Peyton and Pat Mahomes
raking in the dough
with Jamie Foxx and Kevin Hart
selling you a dream
they make gambling look so much fun
it makes me want to scream
and Auld Lang Syne to FTX
and scams that came before
they've been replaced but not forgot
by the newly christened poor
there won't be another fifteen years
(It isn't me who'll go)
as commercial tv joins the heap
with print news and radio. 

All this being said- today really is the 15th Anniversary of this blog.  Thanks for reading, please subscribe if you really enjoy it!

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