Saturday, March 2, 2024

Airborne Narcissism


This is what we know about Kelly Rowland:  She sees herself as a Superstar Super-Influencer Supermom who is very very eager to attend what might as well be called the KELLY Rowland family reunion so that she can fling herself about as if she's the center of the universe and the only real reason to even HAVE a family reunion, but ONLY if she can armor herself against the germs of the Non-Influencer Nobodies who happen to share her DNA.  She is, after all, Kelly Rowland, Superstar Super-Influencer Supermom. 

So thanks to Airborne, the supporting characters of Kelly Rowland's life are graced by Kelly Rowland's presence, and she'll make damn sure everyone is aware of it by trying to be everywhere all at once, no doubt live-streaming the entire event for her audience of I'm Not Even Going To Look It Up Many mouth-breathers on Tiktok or YouTube or Wherever.   Because we're all just background noise in the long-running Saga of Kelly Rowland, Legend in her Own Mind.  


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