Saturday, March 30, 2024

Walmart Plus-Sized Commercial

1.  A Walmart Plus membership (which I didn't even know was a thing) costs $98 per year.  According to the lunatic with a mike, you can get that membership for free and all you have to do is change your cellular service to this other provider.  Is that other provider any good?  How much does IT cost?  We aren't told.  I guess it isn't all that important.

2.  Notice something about all the customers in this ad?  They don't look like anyone I've ever seen at Walmart.  For one thing, they are a lot- um, let's say "paler" than the great majority of Walmart-ers I've noticed.  For another, although none of them look in very good shape, none of them are riding mobility scooters or look like they shop at Walmart to save their money for insulin.  It's kind of depressing that we barely notice that everyone in this ad is fat, because they aren't THAT fat, which means they are- doing well?  

3.  Walmart Plus includes Free Delivery.  Because leaving home is a pain.  Especially when you are focused on the couch and whatever is on that glowing screen you like to watch while shoving carbs and sugar down your cake hole.  Ah, that must be why these people aren't morbidly obese- they don't have Walmart Plus yet and actually have to still get their butts to the store.  Let's check on their blood sugar and fatty liver issues a year after they take advantage of this "great offer" and are doing all of their shopping online like good little zombies. 

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