Friday, March 29, 2024

This is weird even for you, McDonald's


This commercial is basically admitting that McDonald's French Fries are intentionally engineered to be addictive and binge-promoting, because it's just Good Capitalism to make a food product that triggers a dopamine response and encourages overconsumption.  These fried potato sticks are not satiating; they are oil and air and a little potato with just the right amount of salt and the perfect mouth feel to make the victim customer go back again and again to recreate that pleasurable sensation until the carton is empty- and then, in the best case scenario, go back for more.  

Imagine if this was an ad for whiskey that featured a disembodied voice asking "you people who take a sip, or a single shot, and then call it a night- how do you do that?  Who ARE you?"  Or perhaps a commercial for crack cocaine with the same message- "you tried it once and never went back?  You are so WEIRD!"

Or an ad featuring pressed and shaped potato flakes that used the catchphrase "once you pop, you can't stop."  Oh wait....we already have that....

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