Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Milky Minutes" and more Fun Family Disfunction in Cell Phone Commercials

Dad and the boys are sitting at the table, mom is in the kitchen (of course- where else would mom be?) Dad knocks over a glass of milk, drenching the "cell phone minutes" (represented by little orange clocks.) Mom reminds the kids and dad that the minutes are still good; the response of the family is to look at eachother as if to note "bitchfest coming, gird your loins, boys, we can ride this out together."

Mom, who acts as if she's nailed to the kitchen floor as she takes not one step toward her family (which remains planted firmly on it's collective ass- clearly no one is going to clean up the spilled milk) finally delivers the set-up line: "My sister's family would love to have those milky minutes!"

Dad snarks "isn't your sister lactose intolerant?" promoting giggles from his asshole sons. Mission Accomplished: Mom's authority has been successfully undermined, and Dad has been established as Friend of the Kids and Ally Against Mom.

Mom's response is to shake her finger- and remain firmly nailed to the floor.

My response? Take the cell phones from the kids, and get into marriage counseling with dad to find out why he feels it's more important to be his kids' buddy than his spouse's partner.

I wonder if that milk ever got cleaned up.

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