Thursday, March 4, 2010

I guess I'm just evil

Three skiers are trapped on a lift, waiting for help. How do they pass their time?

By talking to each other? Don't be stupid. Haven't you been paying attention at all?

Each one of them uses their cell phones (which all have cool/overbearingly cutesy names, like "Curve" and "Hero" and "Pixie") to listen to music, download Apps, check on business, etc. etc. Heck, each one is probably delighted to be stuck on that Lift, because they haven't figured out how to text and actually ski at the same time anyway.

This is a mildly obnoxious commercial, as far as Sprint's Assault on Humanity campaign goes. I actually find some enjoyment in it, because I always find myself imagining a perfect ending -- three self-absorbed morons who are now frozen corpses sharing a ski lift, phones still held firmly in their mittens, lifeless eyes staring at non-functioning screens-- because none of these people thought to actually call for help. Ah, it makes me all warm inside. Thanks, Sprint!


  1. Which takes us right back to the title of one of the first posts: "You didn't remind me to breathe so I died." It's always bothered me that the people in these ads are so damned helpless and stupid; I keep thinking of an old story in Mad Magazine called 'Blobs' about how modern conveniences would eventually make Mr and Mrs America so passive and weak, they'd be helpless to fend off lean, hungry barbarians from the East. (By which the writer meant the People's Liberation Army.)

  2. Which is where I think we are going. I know people who are absolutely addicted to their phones. They need help- but all they are being told by advertisements is that what they are doing is just fine and, in fact, they need to be doing MORE texting, tweeting, and downloading of "Apps."