Thursday, March 25, 2010

Something's Missing, all right

It took me a while to figure out just the right angle to approach this profoundly stupid commercial for Hour Eyes Some ads are like that- just too dumb to wade into with any real enthusiasm. I'll give it a shot anyway-

We see a pleasant-looking thirtysomething woman standing in the middle of her reasonably well-lit suburban back yard wearing a bathrobe and slippers and calling for her cat.

And here comes her cat, strolling right toward her- except it's not a cat, it's a raccoon.

"Oh!" pleasant-looking woman responds. "Let's go snuggle with Mama!" Raccoon enters the house, as if it's lived there all it's life. Maybe this is not a new thing for this woman. Maybe she doesn't even HAVE a cat- maybe she's been spending the last several years snuggling with a disgusting, garbage-eating, sharp-clawed, wild animal? Maybe the raccoon HAS lived there all it's life?

"Something missing?" asks the narrator. Uh huh. Of course, the message is "get your eyes checked." But I have a few other observations, and since this is my blog....

1. This woman needs a date. Badly. I mean, come on- she's pretty cute, she's obviously successful enough to own a substantial home-- and her idea of the perfect bedtime is a lovely snuggle with her raccoon? Even if she thinks it's her cat, that's pretty sad.

2. This woman hasn't seen any Broadview Security commercials. And the stalkers in the Broadview Security commercials haven't seen her. I mean, can you imagine? All those beefy creeps hanging out in the bushes waiting patiently for their victims to go inside and set the alarms, ultimately foiling their plans for Who Knows What, and here's this half-blind woman standing in the middle of her yard in a bathrobe, completely defenseless- and NO STALKERS??

Heck, with her eyes, she'd probably mistake them for the cable guys and let them right in.

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