Friday, October 15, 2010

I was just sitting watching my TV, and started viewing About Me

I guess the idea here is that there is a form of life which loves to be dunked in sudsy water before having it's face pushed across dirty floors. I don't know about you, but I was aware of this already.

And when Yesterday's News gets replaced by The New Kid in Town, there's some level of heartbreak experienced by the dirty mop, which never appreciated how truly wonderful it was to be soaked in cloudy water and Pine-Sol, wrung out, pushed around for a while, and finally stuffed into a dark closet until needed again. I can so relate to this.

The rejection and sense of betrayal is so great that what was Once Useful, but is Now a fuzzy, distant and not always-pleasant memory will resort to stalking, flowers, telegrams, candy, and bad 70s music- again, do these guys have a camera in my house, or what? I mean, all that's left is to have this mop use FaceBook exclusively to cry out to The One that Got Away (only to be met with indifferent silence,) and the stunningly accurate portrayal of my life is complete.

I'm not quite sure what this ad is trying to sell, but I'll keep watching anyway, if only for the stalking tips.


  1. It gets worse; the mop goes through a phase of falling for another discarded household object (to the tune of 'Who's that lady?') followed by trying to worm its way back into usefulness to the turn of "She blinded me with science." It seems to me that if you need to use a song by Thomas Dolby to promote your product, you've pretty much left taste behind.

  2. "A" song by Thomas Dolby? You mean "the," don't you? ;>)

  3. Ooops. I just revealed that he got a lot more airplay North of the border, didn't I? His songs "Hyperactive" and "May the Cube be with you" made our top 40.

  4. Someone in the ad agencies have made a mint by pushing the anthropomorphic product ad. No doubt they relate how the "hip and fresh" version of their product with human qualities will never get married, divorced, grow old, get arrested, go through rehab or CHANGE brand preferences!

    This is also why cartoon characters as "spokespeople" are popular with the guys paying for TV ads.

    I'd settle for the creativity of the old Dockers ads; no one got hurt or insulted and they were innocuous to the uninformed.

  5. This commercial says toss out your reusable mop and use a dipper attached too a broom stick. And when your done, toss it in the garbage and its not your problem anymore. its the landfills and mother natures problem.

  6. Actually, a Swiffer WetJet isn't a "dipper attached to a broomstick" that you use once and throw away. You can use it over and over; you just have to buy the special cleaning fluid that installs in in and replace the pads every time you want a clean one. (Yes, you do toss the pads in the garbage after each mopping, unless you want to mop with a dirty pad.)