Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh Goody, THESE Idiots Again

I guess "Washington" is back to talking about going all Nanny-Government on us again, because this organization with the hilariously misleading name "Americans Against Food Taxes" is treating us to another wave of commercials featuring oppressed, harassed mommies who just want the "politicians" to keep it's damn hands off of her purse so she can continue to blow the family payroll on "food" like soda, sports drinks, "even flavored water."

This time a real Tea Party element has been added to the script- whereas it used to be sufficient to "tell Washington we can't AFFORD to pay another 1.3 cents per liter for obesity-promoting sugar water," the Glenn Beck Brigade has upped the ante and now Americans Against Paying Extra For Stuff that Kills Us is throwing around words like "dictating" and and phrases like "we don't need the government telling us how to feed our families." After all, let's not forget that this government is currently being run by a Kenyan Marxist Anti-Nationalist American Exceptionalism Denier who still refuses to release his birth certificate (too busy apologizing to the world for America's surplus of fat children, no doubt.)

This woman isn't satisfied to sneer at "Washington"- she makes reference to "politicians" with a nasty little sneer I'm sure betokens a deep understanding of how our Constitutional system functions and a disgust at it's corruption by The Left, what with their Tell Everyone What To Do agenda. First they told me I couldn't keep driving my seatbelt-free 1964 Volkswagen Beetle. Then they told me I couldn't smoke next to babies on the plane. Now they want me to pay an extra nickel for a week's supply of sodium in a bottle. And all because it's for our "own good."

Can't Washington see that this woman doesn't need any help deciding how to spend her money on groceries? She's doing a great job making that tight budget dollar go a little farther and still keeping her family in Brand X ginger ale, Gatorade and "flavored water" (pardon the redundancy.) Now if this stereotype of a stuffed-suit, power-hungry politician will just step aside, she has to get this crap home to those mushrooms with legs that she calls her husband and kids. I mean, it's almost time for


  1. The same conservatives who complain about the government trying to regulate what THEY can rink have NO PROBLEM with arguing that the government shouldn't allow soda to be purchased with food stamps. Their "get the government off our backs" belief is fine for themselves, but they're quite comfortable using the government to dictate to everyone else.

  2. Five bucks says that when Sneering Mom gets insulin-dependent diabetes, she'll not only want to sue the makers of high-fructose corn syrup, she'll bitch because the politicians didn't protect her from herself.

  3. Hey the soft drink industry worked very hard to get the public to go from 7 ounce glass bottles up to 12 ounce cans, then 16 oz glass bottles (that was a big mess), then up to 20 oz plastic bottles. A "Big Gulp" used to be enormous, now it's a standard way for many to start their day. "Super Big Gulp" and more on the horizon. The industry is just protecting their market share that they have worked hard to earn.

  4. I love how the word "politician" is hurled as an epithet by those seeking to become a politician.

  5. I love how every time the woman says "politicans," she looks like she expects everyone around to her to go "Ohmygawdno, POLITICIANS?!"