Saturday, August 5, 2017

I don't want to live in the world these Chevy Truck Guys have inherited

So I guess the "punchline" of this "very funny lol" commercial in which three guys and a dog have survived the Mayan apocalypse is that one of their friends "didn't make it" because he drove a Ford truck instead of a Chevy.  Because while Chevys can survive being buried by tons of granite and steel, don't even ATTEMPT to get yourself through the End of the World in a Ford.

So these guys all enjoy a bit of a sad chuckle at the fate of their friend, who I guess at the last minute had a choice of which car he was going to drive-?  I mean, did he have two trucks in the garage and just picked the wrong one not realizing that this was the day he was going to need the "real" one, the Chevy?

When this eventually does happen, I'll be in the rubble because I don't drive a Real Man's Truck like these mouth-breathing morons who BTW obviously cast their last ever vote for Donald Trump.  So I won't be around when they die from some horrible disease brought on by long-term exposure to the rotting corpses which surround them as they toast their awesomeness with whatever beer they were able to find in the shattered shell of a liquor store down the street.  Nor will I be there when they draw lots to decide which one they eat first.  I'm betting the dog makes it out of the first round.

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  1. I look at it like this. The Twinkies are a joke, right--a joke on the idea that Twinkies can survive forever because they're so full of preservatives. But know what else people joke about being able to survive an apocalypse?


    I like to think that these guys' Twinkies are full of roaches and they haven't figured it out yet.

    Also, I like to speculate on what they're going to do when it dawns on them that no women appear to have survived this apocalypse...and that they are kind of lonely for romantic company. OK, let's not be dainty about it. SEX.

    Would make a great sequel, wouldn't it?