Friday, October 26, 2018

Geico presents the Big Family in the Tiny House joke

I usually wrap with this observation,  but this time I'll get it over with early- every single one of the comments posted under this video (other than my own, of course) is the product of a mentally ill chipmunk or a nickle-per-post loser trying to scrape together enough money to hit the McDonald's Dollar Menu.  You people are SAD.

Ok, on to this commercial:  Sure doesn't take much to get this guy happy, does it?  One last strip of grass on a lawn the size of a postage stamp?  I guess I should be grateful that this fat slob doesn't have a riding mower, but jeesh, buddy.  Not a whole lot going on in your life, is there?

Oh, and you save money with Geico, so you and your weird obese family can afford a few extra take-out pizzas per month, isn't that special.  Maybe you should knock off the junk food and save the money for a new addition on your tiny house which is nowhere big enough for your family of rhinos- seriously, it looks like you guys have to take turns using the living room.  To quote Daffy Duck, that house looks like you guys have to go outside to change your minds.  To paraphrase Mr. Burns, you are the fattest family I've seen in years, and I've been on Safari.

I'm sure that sounds mean, but that's only because it is.  This guy is stupid and gross and that house is comically small and his family is dumb to be so happy in it.  Even if I didn't hate everything already I'd loathe this commercial, but they sure make it easy.

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