Saturday, October 27, 2018

More from the Adventures of CashNetUSA Man and the sad people who are grateful to him

So this woman gets an unexpectedly high bill and exclaims "I don't know what to do!"  Which I'm pretty sure is supposed to translate into "I don't have the money to pay this bill, and because I know absolutely nothing about how these things work, I assume that I'll be in debtor's prison this time next week!"

The disgusting spokeschoad for who, I should charitably ad, is just a struggling actor trying to land his big break by making a total ass of himself on these commercials (I imagine that he daydreams being shown clips from these ads by Conan O'Brien someday while they both have a good laugh over his Humble Roots in the Trade) hears that she's in need of money and runs up six flights of stairs to intercept her and encourage her to check out the people who pay him.  Turns out that she can get that extra money she needs maybe even within 24 hours as long as she's got a car or something else she can risk losing and is willing to pay interest rates that would choke a horse.  Naturally, she's grateful.

Of course, if your credit rating isnt' in the toilet, you deal with things like this by using a credit card or taking out a small bank loan to cover the unexpected expense.  I suspect that isn't all that interested in people whose credit rating isn't in the toilet- unless some of those people are actually stupid enough to think that is a better alternative than a credit card payment or a bank loan (Earth to those people:  No, it's not.)  These people do exist, judging from the number of posts at written by Rent A Center customers who claim that they have good credit ratings, bank accounts, and credit cards yet STILL decided to rent at usury-level interest rates Just Because It Seemed Convenient And Plus I'm Stupid.

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