Saturday, October 6, 2018

Zyrtec's Bizarrely gross "Coffee" ad

Here's one of those truly repulsive, ugly little knobs of an ad that you can't quite believe managed to make it past the quality control board and on to your screen.

One person in this car of amazingly diverse group of women has allergies- so she hi-LARIOUSLY sneezes the whipped cream on her not-coffee all over the windshield- because that's what happens when you're holding something that it topped with whipped cream when you sneeze.  You kind of automatically jam your nose up against the whipped cream so it can spray everywhere.  And then it WILL spray everywhere Because Television.

Her "friends" think that this disgusting moment is epic funny.  They also think that every sneeze must be a symptom of an actual medical condition because they instantly hand their "friend" a bottle of Zyrtec.  Because you can't just sneeze.  You must have a bad cold, or allergies, or something.  Something that can be fixed with powerful drugs.

Anyway, these "friends" won't be "friends" much longer, because apparently they are going to remind the sneezer of That Time She Sneezed Foam All Over The Windshield instead of oh, I don't know, moving her face slightly or covering her mouth or doing any number of Normal things a person would do other than sneeze right into a cup topped with whipped cream.  This woman will be finding another carpool filled with actual human beings and maybe ordering drinks that aren't topped with Magic Flying Foam.  Or at least learning some of those manners she should have picked up before she moved out of her Mom's house for chrissakes.

(BTW, no surprise that the Comment Section is blocked for this ad.  Some commercials are too gross and dumb even for the LOL I LOVE THIS AD squad that haunts YouTube.)


  1. I think its funny as heck and I'd llike to know who plays the driver. She looks familiar.

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