Sunday, October 28, 2018

Mastercard's baby commercial leaves me with questions

1.  This guy seems perfectly competent when it comes to caring for that baby.  He isn't stumbling around, he doesn't look completely clueless and confused, and the kid never seems in any danger of being killed in 500 different ways during her 15-minute Dad time.  Maybe Commercial Land is starting to get it- we are way past the days of Michael Keaton and Mr.Mom, and guys taking care of their own offspring is not exactly like fish trying to ride bicycles.

2.  On the other hand, we see absolutely no interaction between Dad and Child throughout this entire ad.  The guy is just going about his day-to-day and the baby just happens to be along for the ride.  We never once see him kiss her or talk to her or in any way acknowledge her existance.  No, she's not in danger- but she's in no way Dad's active companion as he engages in one financial transaction after another.  She's JUST THERE.  Might as well be in a stroller or a backpack.

3.  This baby has bare feet throughout the entire journey from store to store, only wearing shoes when she's home....what the hell?  What was the weather like out there?  Let's assume it was nice and warm, because that way I don't have to get rid of Point #1.  But why stick shoes on the kid after you bring it in the house? 

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