Friday, November 2, 2018

Beware of non-Greek morons bearing slop disguised as Greek Food.

I guess Arby's just figures that there aren't enough Greek-Americans to kick up a fuss at this obnoxious, insulting little nub of an ad.  They don't care about the rantings of a blogger with next to no followers even after ten years in the field, they sure don't care about the less than 1 percen of Americans who proudly trace their ancestory back to Greece.

So I'm not even going to bother snarking on this jackass for telling us how he "sees the flavors" in these sandwiches.  WTF-ever, I get you're trying to be poetic as you tell us about faux-Greek food from your garbage junk dealer "restaurant."  There's not much point when 99 out of every 100 idiots who order these sandwiches will pronounce their name wrong.  I just hate all of you right now.

1 comment:

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