Saturday, December 8, 2018

"God Friended Me." He's right behind Justin Bieber in Twitter followers, too

As usual, G-d as portrayed by television producers has all the time in the world to f--k around with Upper Middle Class people in highly advanced Western societies.  Now he's on Facebook, suggesting that G-d hasn't been keeping up with social media trends lately.  If he was better informed, he'd know that Facebook is kind of old school and he'd be doing his communicating through Twitter or SnapChat, not Facebook, which is so Your Mother's Social Media.

Meanwhile, that kid sitting by a river in Kenya waiting for the worm that is boring a hole through his eye to leave him blind before he reaches his teen years- well, sorry, kid, but G-d is too busy contacting pretty people in the Upper 10% tax bracket to help you out right now.  Too busy making friend suggestions to those people, too.  Maybe if you got yourself an iPhone and Verizon you'd rate a little assistance.  Sucks to be you, but that's how G-d rolls.

According to American television producers, of course.


  1. The problem I have with this show is that CBS already did it, *much* better, with "Person of Interest" several years back. Seriously, this is basically the exact same MacGuffin, but instead of Deus Ex Machina (via all-knowing AI computer), it's Deus Ex Facebookia. Or something.

    1. I really liked the first season of "Person of Interest," but then too many new characters were introduced and I thought the search for "the machine" got really stale fast.