Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Dominos reminds us that we get what we pay for


First of all, where's a sniper when you need one?  I see anyone standing on a roof shouting at the neighborhood that America's favorite crappy cardboard-flavored-dough and sugar delivery system is offering free non-food with every order of non-food made through their App, and I give any Second Amendment Loving American permission to take aim and fire away.  

Second, the last thing most of the people in this ad need is easy access to the garbage offered by Dominos.  They already look exhausted, listless, bored-- yeah, just the perfect customers for bland white dough, gummy cheese and- "best" of all- heavy lumps of sugar-topped "chocolate" whatever-the-hell-those-atrocities-are.  Good idea, Upper Middle Class Suburbanites- don't shop and cook.  Just scroll and tap.  And get this nonsense showing up at your door.  Getting your body to ingest it will be very easy- because these chemical baskets are designed to be easily digested.  Getting your body to extract anything of value from it will be pretty damn close to impossible, because you can't get blood from a stone or nutrition from any of the disgusting calorie bombs produced by Dominos.

But wow, it's so easy to order.  And check out the free stuff.  

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