Friday, October 22, 2021

This Serena Williams/Streaming Video/Whatever Commercial celebrates America's dwindling attention span


I used to enjoy going to movies, but I very rarely do anymore.  I've probably been in an actual movie theater less than a dozen times this century.  And it's not because going to a movie is only slightly less expensive than attending a major league baseball game.  It's because I can't remember the last time I was able to watch an entire film without being distracted by someone's glowing cell phone, inexplicably pulled out because (I guess) the movie just couldn't hold the viewer's attention (or, more likely, desperate need for new stimulus generated by electronics-induced Attention Deficit Disorder.)

I assume it costs significantly more to attend a professional tennis match.  Yet if I read this commercial correctly, the people in the crowd who paid big bucks to watch Serena Williams hit a ball simply don't find the action on the court compelling enough and are scrolling through their devices to find horror movies, cartoons, ANYTHING ELSE to distract them from the sporting event they paid to witness.  Which kind of makes me wonder why they are there.  Just like I wonder why the person sitting two rows down from me paid $15 or more to sit in a dark room with total strangers and play with their f---ng phones.  Give me a break.  Please.

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