Sunday, October 3, 2021

What's the deal with your Rib Sandwich ad, Arby's?


Can someone at Arby's explain why this commercial is being shouted at us?  I mean, it's an ad for a pork sandwich.  Why are you trying to make it such a big deal, featuring a guy with an over-the-top booming voice that has me lunging for the volume button every time it comes on?  What's that all about? It sounds like I'm about to be treated to a documentary about the creation of a life-shortening carb and fat delivery system.

It's not like he's describing anything truly remarkable here.  I don't care if it "looks" like a rack of ribs.  I'm sure it tastes....ok.  That is, not like a rack of ribs, but what I'd expect a pork sandwich to taste like if I ever got one at Arby's.  And whatever that is, it sure as hell isn't worth roaring over.

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