Sunday, November 21, 2021

Apple really knows it's audience.


Because of course the Phone of Choice for a $10-per-hour Bike Delivery Monkey is the $1200 Apple iPhone 13.  Either Apple has no idea how much people make, or Apple is very, very familiar with the spending choices of people determined to be poor, or Apple is very, very familiar with the typical twenty-something's idea of what a "necessity" is.  

Seriously, buddy- you don't need the latest Status Flasher from Apple to do your job.  You need a $79 Garmin you can pick up on Amazon or at Walmart.  Oh but that doesn't come with three cameras you don't need, either, plus it doesn't show well for your friends,* so I guess that's out, huh?

*So I guess we know where this guy's stimulus check went, don't we?  Not paying back rent.  Not taking care of some bills that had backed up during the Pandemic.  Not Savings.  Nope, that check went right to the newest shiny toy that had the awesome power to make this guy forget that he's a poor shmuck with absolutely no sense or thought for tomorrow because if another "unexpected" bill comes up, well, that's what relatives or government aid is there for, right?  

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