Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Lexus "Modern Family" commercial suggests that at least one car company has NO idea what's going on out there


I guess that Lexus thinks "Modern" equals "Ridiculously wealthy."  It's not enough that this family has a tricked-out Lexus with "stealth mode" (seriously, what is the purpose of this "feature," anyway?  Just to not wake up your kids when you get home?  For real?  Because I can tell you that the people who drive past my house have zero interest in "stealth mode."  More like "I need to let everyone in this neighborhood know what crap taste I have in 'music' mode.")  Look at that house.  Come on.  How is this at all relatable to anyone?

And as for that daughter- shut the f--k up, little girl.  Your stupid-rich parents don't have to dash home from parent-teacher conferences if they don't want to.  They are adults- even if they do act like naughty children trying to sneak back into their own house.  Go back to your bedroom in the palace they provide for you.  And thank the genetic lottery for your ridiculous privileged life.  You all make me sick.  Seriously. 

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