Friday, November 12, 2021

T-Mobile's stupid "Switch Proposal" ad isn't even Original Garbage.


You know, this guy may as well just propose marriage right now.  First, he'll never be more excited about anything than switching to T-Mobile, so why not just ride that enthusiasm right into another commitments?  Second, it's pretty obvious that this woman- though surprised at the notion of being proposed to, I mean, just go back and look at her posture when she thinks he's about to pull out a ring- will respond with a "yes."  She's so obviously desperate- she's with this breathlessly enthusiastic-over-a-freaking-phone dweeb, after all- she'd probably accept a proposal from the waiter if he said anything that sounded anything close to one.  I'm guessing this is at least the fourth time she thought this guy was about to propose, and the first time was on their first date. 

By the way, haven't I seen this almost exact same commercial before, either for T-Mobile or another mobile service?  I'm sure I have- the only difference was that the guy was giving a smartphone to his date and begging her to sign up with him because the phone was free with a new contract, or something.  That was gross.  This is at least as bad.  

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