Saturday, November 13, 2021

Chase Business Complete Banking, Zach and Zoe, and the American Dream of Money for Nothing


Zach and Zoe are typical of millions of Americans who dream of someday not getting up and going to an honest job to do an honest day's work but instead grift their way to success by finding a niche market to sell a non-product to a gullible public which has money because it gets up every day and goes to an honest job, decided one day after visiting a farmer's market that hey, why can't they sell something to stupid rich white people?

Zach and Zoe then decided that they needed an attractive "origin story" that didn't involve anything I posted in the first paragraph because that just sounds awful.  "I wasn't satisfied with what was available out there" has been done to death, and besides, it's not like thousands of people out there aren't already selling honey, so they went with "this all started when we discovered the benefits of local honey."* Huh.  That's interesting, for two reasons:  First, if Zach and Zoe "discovered the benefits of local honey," that means that someone local was already selling local honey.  So what they "decided" to do was try to steal someone else's hustle.  Much easier than being original, I guess.  But second, don't hold your breath waiting to hear what those "benefits" are, because you're not going to.  Probably because the Benefits of Local Honey boils down to "suburban idiots think that local honey has benefits, which means they'll buy it."  The actual Benefit lies in the gullibility of people with money.

That doesn't sound good, so let's just focus on how easy it is to scam the public into buying your bee poo packaged in cutesy-quaint glass jars by partnering with Chase Business Complete Banking- specifically, how important it is to complete the transaction quickly, before that public has a chance to realize that it's paying for overpriced bee excrement because it has undefined Benefits which have never been defined and are certainly not going to be by these smiling entrepreneurs who just want to call themselves business people Never You Damn Mind that they have Nothing to Sell.** 

And to top off this stupid celebration of Capitalism, we get a scene where Zach and Zoe are feeding honey to their children because Of Course They Are.  

*and can we be honest for a second, please?  Zach and Zoe will drop that "local honey" BS the moment they have the opportunity to take this grift national.   How are they going to go about selling their crap as "local honey" when Nestle offers to add it as a subdivision and market it everywhere?  Think Zach and Zoe will give a flying damn when they are rolling in cold hard cash?  Me neither. 

**I've lived in a Dark Blue Suburb for enough years to know that there's NOTHING that upper-class white people appreciate more than the opportunity to purchase ANYTHING being sold by a smiling black family at a farmer's market, where everyone they know can see them doing it.  Because nothing brings a suburban white person closer to nirvana than patronizing a black-owned business, especially when that black-owned business is being run by a black family that looks like they just stepped out of the background shots of a Hallmark Christmas movie.  All these guys have to do is offer "Hate Has No Home Here" yard signs free with every purchase over $20 and they'll totally clean up, every time. 

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