Saturday, November 20, 2021

This Fansville "Bouquet Toss" Commercial simply doesn't work


(To be fair, none of these lame "Fansville" Dr. Pepper commercials really work, for a number of reasons.  First, not only are they all one-joke, one-beat garbage, but the one joke is always the same joke.  Second, that one joke isn't funny.)

This particular Dr. Pepper commercial fails for two ADDITIONAL reasons:

1.  It plays on the "desperate to be a bride" trope.  You know, the one where extremely attractive young women long to be swept off their feet by any fat doofus with a ring (and maybe a great iPhone package?) who comes around to offer them escape from their Last Name and a life of child-bearing and child-rearing in a suburban McMansion.  That one.  The one that's been played to death and (I hope) hasn't aged well at all.  It's 2021, television.  Women have goals that don't revolve around a guy and a house and kids. 

2.  It invents it's own trope which doesn't fit with the first one, suggesting that MEN are JUST AS ANXIOUS to get married and will mug each other to get that garter once the groom tosses it in the air.  Excuse me, but this makes negative sense in the universe you yourself created.  If those beautiful young women are desperate to get married, and those doofus fat men are equally desperate to get married, why don't they....I don't know, I'm just reaching here...MARRY EACH OTHER?  After all, these women clearly just want to get married and really don't care who offers the ring.  And these men are NOT going to do better than these beautiful young women.  Seriously, what the actual hell??

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