Sunday, February 13, 2022

Allstate Mayhem Commercials: See, if nobody dies, it's funny!


See, if you're going to drive like a dangerous idiot, you should make sure you have good auto insurance.  Because if you don't, when you have one of these hi-LARIOUS accidents in which By the Grace of G-d nobody is killed or even injured, that insurance will pay for your equally hi-LARIOUS irresponsible asshattery.

I mean, you COULD just keep your eyes on the road and accept the responsibility that's kind of supposed to be expected of anyone maneuvering several tons of metal at high speeds while surrounded by thousands of innocent people who are also expected to accept the same level of responsibility (plus pedestrians who are at the mercy of your ability to pay attention, btw.)  But since that's apparently not an option when you really really want to eat those French Fries (or text, or check Facebook, or any number of things that really can just wait,) well, again, make sure you have good insurance.  Because then if you get into one of these horrific but non-fatal (and therefore hi-LARIOUS) accidents, it's All Good!

As usual, the only thing more disgusting than these stupid commercials is the fact that they have a depressingly large fan base.

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