Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Lays' Superbowl Commercial continues two great traditions


1.  Take an idea that is kind of cute for ten seconds and stretch it into two minutes, making it feel like two hours.  We got this joke ten seconds in.  We don't care anymore twenty seconds in.  We wish we had died before the end of the first quarter thirty seconds in.*  

2.  Depict your Bag of Product as being so full that one needs only to reach in about one inch in order to obtain a piece of Said Product.  While every bag or bucket is stuffed full to the brim in every commercial ever (and every potato chip bag is completely creaseless, so that it looks like the person is holding a picture of a potato chip bag instead of an actual potato chip bag,) in real life potato chip bags are 60 percent air and you generally have to put your arm in up to the elbow to get the first one.  

*And not only was this not the worst Beat That Idea To Death Ad which aired during the Super Bowl, it wasn't even the worst Beat That Idea To Death ad featuring POTATO CHIPS.   Yes, Pringles, you got noticed too.  Stay tuned. 

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