Friday, August 26, 2022

A little friendly advice to Stacy- and Dominos


Stacy:  Maybe stop envisioning Dominos pizza as a viable food choice for a while.  Maybe get more fruits, veggies and protein and less starch, sugar, and such-wise empty carbs.  Because, I'm sorry, but in your own language, Stacy girl you ain't lookin' too good.  That pizza you had last night is not your friend.  That pizza you are heating up to eat today is not your friend.  Preparing healthy food and cooking for yourself is hard.  Diabetes is also hard.  Choose your Hard.

Dominos:  Could you stop being Stacy's drug dealer, please?  I know the delivery guy is not a therapist- heck, he's probably not even a Life Coach although I can't be certain because there are approximately as many Life Coaches out there as there are Amazon delivery drivers and I'd go to the latter for advice before the former.  But he's got to see that he's delivering disease and death to this woman every time he rings the bell.  Maybe stop trying to find ways to make it easier for Stacy to access your piles of cheap, warm junk for a while?  Maybe stop being part of a big problem for Stacy and approximately half of the population of the United States for just a LITTLE WHILE?

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