Saturday, August 27, 2022

Picking on Dominos some more: the ultimate in First World Struggles


Imagine living in a country where food insecurity isn't a thing that exists in remote pockets but is simply a way of life for the great majority of inhabitants and being subjected to obnoxious garbage of this magnitude:  A guy picks up enough pizza for two dozen people for next to no money, but has to "struggle" to get it to his car which is parked twenty feet away from the building (I'm not using the term "restaurant") before he can drive to his suburban palace (complete with automatic sprinklers) in a pristine neighborhood surrounded by other suburban palaces and people who own their own automobiles.

And because it's such a "hassle" to pick up pre-made "food" (it has calories, so I guess I'd better concede the point here) and- let's be real- it's cheaper than hiring more delivery people- the guy we're watching gets a three-dollar "tip" for going through Said Hassle.  Because he deserves it.  Because he actually rolled his Personal Transportation Device to the Warm Carb Dispenser and picked up his own cardboard boxes of Sugar and Chemicals.  And we've already seen what a hassle that is.  Just a tip?  Not a medal?

The privilege.  It burns. 

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