Sunday, August 28, 2022

This Universally Hated Verizon Commercial....

Maybe it's because this commercial is running during EVERY ad break EVERY weekend during EVERY sporting event, but it sure is getting a lot of negative feedback.  Personally, I'd hate it even if I only saw it once, because of a single line uttered by the girl in this ad:  "I just told everyone."

First, what does that even mean?  You just told everyone on your contact list?  If so, may I ask why?  I can imagine my response if I got a text message from a friend which read "I just switched to Verizon."  It would be something like "why are you bothering me" or "why do I give a damn?"  And if that contact went on to praise the price, I'd assume that she gets a bonus for every person she refers or that she works for Verizon. 

Seriously, "I just switched to Verizon its OMG Amazing!" sounds like an MLM pitch to me.

Second, "letting everyone know" about Verizon is like "letting everyone know" about the availability of hamburgers at McDonald's at this point.  Like, no duh.  Verizon offers cell phone coverage.  Guess what, genius?  We have televisions and watch sporting events, too.  We see the same damn commercials you do.  Just because we aren't actually in them doesn't mean we don't see them.  I'm deleting you from my contact list.  

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