Tuesday, August 8, 2023

I guess this is just my summer of picking on Ethos...*


...because here we go again...

I don't know what I find more concerning about this ad:  that this couple is visiting a scam physic (but I repeat myself) or that they are visiting a scam psychic apparently just seconds before this woman gives birth to a beach ball (I mean, come on- how did she even get into that room?  Was she wheeled in?  Because I don't see her walking around with that thing.  Like, at all.)

Or maybe it's that this ugly guy got this cute woman pregnant in the first place.  Ah, the power of money.  It can get you a hot partner...but be prepared for her to push you to get a life insurance policy, like, immediately, because she's got plans beyond her life with you.  I'm sure she's already a little mortified at the fact that her Meal Ticket had to go to Ethos Life to get a policy, though.  I'm pretty sure she was expecting a lot more as her part of the bargain.  Hope the picket fence is nice at least. 

*It's not like I can afford to make it a Subaru Summer, after all.  

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