Monday, August 7, 2023

KFC asks us to rethink our choice of poison...


...and it's pretty much impossible to choose wisely...*

Anyone else more than a little annoyed at the creepy little kid in this ad acting as if the box of deep-fried diabetes is some kind of treasure chest featuring fascinating, never-before-seen relics of ancient days or the contents of a meteorite or- if he were a year or so old- a ring of colorful keys?  What is WITH this kid?  IT'S FRIED JUNK.  IF YOU ARE REALLY STUPID, YOU EAT IT.  PERIOD.  Stop holding up bits of this crap like you've never experienced the awesomeness of greasy edible (sort of) junk trinket chicken parts with soggy biscuits and oil sponge potatoes. 

But if you do decide to stop examining the crime against humanity that is calories served up by KFC, you'd better hurry- there are only four pieces of chicken in this box, along with four biscuits, a handful of fries and another handful of Chopped Pressed Chicken Slurry which I guess are called "nuggets," to remind you of gold or something.  If this is a family of four it means each person gets one piece of bird bone with some meat attached to it, a lump of white starch,  and a handful each of sliced tuber and that lovely fried chicken powder.  Somehow this is seen as a bargain at $20 plus tax, even though $20 plus tax will actually buy several substantial meals for this family that WON'T add to the Great American Diabetes Epidemic.

Again, though- get that kid some help.  Nobody his age should be fascinated by junk "food."  Nobody who has spent his life in the United States, anyway. 

*When it comes to take-out pizza or take-out KFC, there's no real choice other than to take Joshua's advice- the only way to win this game is, not to play. 

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  1. Yes. How many of us feel. Entertaining and sharp look at the comfort and fast foods we have come to love but no longer love us.