Sunday, August 6, 2023

Apparently, it's easy to spell "Ethos" without "Ethics."


Gee, I wonder why two morbidly obese adults would be concerned about "invasive health questions" from prospective life insurance providers.  Especially since these two morbidly obese adults have zero interest in doing anything that might make the risk to Ethos or any other insurance company a little more manageable.

"Hey now John, you just stop right there.  You don't know- maybe It's GeneticTM and that's just their Set Point WeightTM and maybe they eat right and exercise but Can't Lose WeightTM because it's Just The Way They AreTM.  Who are you to judge, you Fatphobic F--k?"

Well, fact is I do have evidence that High Risk is something these two choads have totally brought upon themselves, and I'll lay it all out for you, courtesy of the Pause button.  Your honor, I present to you the contents of the kitchen cupboard shown in this ad:

Stuffing Mix.

Graham Crackers.

"Crispy Wheat" Crackers.

Sausage and Egg Biscuits which, being in the cupboard rather than the freezer, may have even more preservatives than fat and salt. 

Soy Flakes.  I don't even want to know. 

A can that looks like it's beans but apparently is some kind of chicken concoction.  Again, ignorance is an advantage here.

A box of Shredded Wheat Squares.  Probably the most healthy thing on the shelf, which is saying nothing. 

Mother Nature's Bounty Granola Bars.  No doubt the snack that ties this family over between snacks. 

And, finally, a box of something that may or may not be Apple Jacks but considering that no other actual name brands are displayed, I'm guessing is just generic sugary cereal junk.

In other words- junk, junk, and more junk.  The kind of junk that leaves you perpetually hungry and perpetually eating, which in turn leaves your waistline expanding and your heart and organs first crying out for help and then finally just looking at each other and shrugging.  

Yeah, I can see why health questions would be seen as "invasive" to these stupid, self-destructive idiots who Should Not Have Been Allowed to Breed.  And I can't imagine how limited and/or expensive Ethos Life is if it's willing to cover people who are all but certain to die in a painful and economically crippling manner unless they get their act together, and quickly.  I just wish Evie the Ethos Sprite would go to work for Child Protective Services because jeeeeesh, these kids are innocents and are in desperate need of help. 

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