Monday, April 5, 2010

NCR(?)- Once Again, the snark writes itself sometimes

I'm listening to my XM Radio when an announcer suddenly declares in a solemn, calm manner "Please pay attention. This is a Public Announcement."

Ah, the Emergency Broadcasting System, perhaps? Nope...

"The Government and Banks have seized hundreds of houses and cars in foreclosure proceedings. This property is now available for purchase by the public at extremely low prices."

"The Government and Banks are very motivated to sell this property." And here comes the hilariously sleazy kicker: "People whose last names begin with the letters A through M may start calling for information now. Callers whose last names begin with the letters N through Z may start calling at 9 AM tomorrow."

Seriously, can you believe this crap? And in case you didn't get it the first time---

"Again, this is a Public Announcement." Yes, like all commercials are. Messages for the public. Probably why it's being broadcast over the air.

I'm really certain that if your name starts with N and you call today, you'll be told to hang up and call again tomorrow. Sure, you will. And I'm sure that there are plenty of people out there whose last names start with the letter A who feel like they've won the lottery, getting the jump on their neighbors with the opportunity to snatch up property seized by "the government and banks."

Again, the stunning lack of honesty exhibited by the ad men for some commercials is just astounding. I guess that in these days, the only rule is "make the sale." Integrity? Accuracy? That's for the suckers and the saps. Say whatever you have to say to get the dopes on the phone, be it "Obama has signed the Credit Card Reform have the consumer right to cancel 90% of your debts" or "the Government and the Banks want you to buy a house for next to nothing."

BTW, I'm not sure if this particular band of crooks and liars work for NCR, CNR....(they'd be right at home with the RNC)....because I was driving and unlike most of the people I see on the roads today, I don't feel comfortable attempting to do three things at once while 0perating an automobile, so I didn't jot it down. Whatever the initials are, they are used by several different corporations, which means I have to give the maggots who made this some points for deviousness, I suppose. Still....

I just hope these guys got a good price for their souls.


  1. "Again, this is a Public Announcement." Yes, like all commercials are.

    Thank you! I see the TV version of this from time to time, and when the speaker gets to this line, I always say the same thing. That's what commercials are--by definition! ;)

  2. Wait, I thought the point of XM radio was not to have commercials?

  3. AD- there are commercial-free music channels (except that for all the yakking the DJs do, I'd almost prefer commercials) on XM/Sirius, but most of the other channels are normal commercial stations broadcast over satellite radio.