Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And those who don't know?

Don’t you just love it when you see an ad which should include a little disclaimer at the beginning: “if you aren’t one of the Gray Flannel Suit set, running around like ants to feed some insatiable money monster in the hopes that some of the money you push around might end up in your pocket, ignore the following message?”

I mean, what the hell is going on in this commercial? Assuming that these people are equals in whatever bloodsucking corporation they shuffle papers for (it’s a big, heartless corporation dedicated to the fundamental principles of Uber-Capitalism, that’s all we know- and we only know that because these two figures are emerging from a row of Grecian columns that would do the Parthenon proud,) why did one employee know about the “problem” with the “effective tax rate” while the other was left in the dark? Not only has the female employee here heard all about the problem, she also knows that it caused some guy named “Reilly” to hit the roof, that the solution- “bringing in BPO”- has already been agreed on, and that “the partners” are already “on it.”

“People who know...trust BPO.” And the people who DON’T know what the hell this is supposed to be selling? None of our damned business, I guess. I do think it’s funny that this guy’s contribution to the conversation is to mutter “good” at the conclusion- as if anyone really wants his opinion on the subject, whatever the hell it was. Problem discovered, problem discussed, and problem solved without your input, Mr. Widget. See how important you are to the firm? Feel more secure in your job now?

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