Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Know What's Unbelievably Depressing about this ad?

No, not the idea that anyone would WANT to use a big screen TV to "twitter, access YouTube, or update your Facebook" ( wasn't anyone paying attention to the All-Wise Betty White on SNL? Facebook is a huge waste of time, people!!

No, not that an alleged grown-up and co-head of household can find no way to express his "amazement" than to repeat the word "boom."

No, here's the unbelievably depressing part- that this guy knew that even though his two children and wife were within ten feet of the living room, all three would have their eyes and attention fixed on a little glowing screen, and that his best chance of distracting them long enough to notice that the "family" has purchased a shiny new toy was to "tweet" them.

That even beats out the fact that none of these people- NONE- show even the smallest of vocabularies. All they can do is grunt with pleasure at the bigger version of what they were already looking at before the big, older guy who bought this junk pulled them away from their "social networking" (gag, please- there's nothing "social" about typing messages, ok? Go out and talk to people face to face, spuds-for-brains!)

But on second thought, it may not beat out this little nugget- now the entire family gets to watch as Little Brother updates his Facebook account instead of doing his homework. Except- we see that each member of the family already has access to all these "services" already. What is the POINT of being able to do this on your tv, unless you are a friendless loser with your own apartment and no actual social life beyond the imaginary one you built with the help of Fios?

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