Monday, June 28, 2010

"Shhh! We're Out of Pediasure and Mac'n Cheese!"

Here's another episode in The Adventures of Awesome Parenting. Soon To Be Obese Brat is happily chowing down on lard-laced faux food- this time, it's "'Chef" Boyardee's Big Ravioli. He thinks it's crap (and he's right) but it tastes good, so who cares?

Dad comes in and does a "bad" thing, trying to tell his son that hey, that mystery meat he loves not only has a full day's supply of fat and salt, but it also contains an entire SERVING of vegetables. Mom is mortified- if Son realizes that sometimes vegetables taste good, he might- umm, what exactly? Become more open-minded about eating vegetables? Can't have that!

So mom witlessly whacks away at the pots and pans in order to drown out the word " vegetables." Oh, the hilarity. Son will be spared the knowledge that "vegetable" does not necessarily mean "yucky," and he'll finish his lunch thinking mom is a freaking lunatic who likes to remind daddy that he has no business talking to her son about anything, especially nutrition.

After all, if dad was encouraged to do a little research, he might discover that the "serving of vegetables" hardly evens out the fact that this stuff is basically poison, and encouraging your kids to lie quietly on the couch and eat Cheez-Its every weekend would be only slightly less neglectful than serving this rubbish. He might start to ask mommy questions like "how did our kid get control of the family menu so completely that the word 'vegetable' is now verboten in MY HOUSE?" or "We obviously have plenty of money- can't we do better than a $2 can of tomatoey sludge for the guy who is going to carry on our family name?" or "Umm...shouldn't we be teaching our child to appreciate fruits and vegetables instead of catering to his childish prejudices- I mean, don't we have some responsibility here beyond making sure he has clothes and a place to sleep?" or "Is this why you insist on being a Stay At Home Mom? Because you were afraid the Daycare would spoil our son with celery sticks, carrots and yogurt?"

Better watch it, dad- Mommy is pretty handy with those pots and pans, though obviously she doesn't use them much for cooking.

Or maybe I've got Mom all wrong- maybe she's afraid that if her son finds out that Big Canned Ravioli is even remotely good for him, he'll demand it at every meal. "Hey, I want my VEGETABLES, Mommy! Get the can opener!" Then all she'll be able to look forward to is seeing Her Precious One on The Biggest Loser in a decade or so. By then, Dad will have snapped under the pressure of Mom's oppression, filed for divorce, and started life anew with a sane woman.


  1. "Is this why you insist on being a Stay At Home Mom? Because you were afraid the Daycare would spoil our son with celery sticks, carrots and yogurt?"

    The kid would be better off eating Elly Patterson's Cheapie Weenie Casserole than this sludge.

  2. There is a new commercial in which Future Fatty and his stupid mother are at the supermarket. The kid is stuffing his face at a Chef Boy-Are-They-Stupid display. The lady handing out samples at the display keeps trying to say the dreaded "V word" with the mother doing her same stupid schtick. The mother finally slams her shopping cart into a stack of hundreds of cans of the sludge to shut the lady up. Great, now a minimum wage stock clerk or the old lady trying to supplement her meager SS income with a gig pushing cans of sludge have to pick up the hundreds of cans just because this moron doesn't want her son to believe that veggies can taste good. I mean, gosh, sonny might start asking her to cook fresh vegetables!!

  3. Yep, I originally tried to find that commercial, Czaerena. If I ever do I'm sure to post on it, it was so insulting and stupid.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog! You made me chuckle a few times! The commercial was quite funny but on a serious note, trying to get children to get their important nutrients on board can be challenging for a parent (as the advert attempts to portray). What I've done in the past is blend Pediasure into a tasty smoothie or baked muffin so that it looks appetising to my children and that they consume the right calories a growing child needs.