Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wait till she finds out he hasn't had "that talk with the doctor" yet

Where to start?

1. This commercial features rank sexism. I mean, there is simply no way that an ad agency could sell a commercial featuring a good-looking guy ogling a prospective female employee, wondering if she's got both the "experience" and "energy" to "do the job." This guy is being assessed like a piece of meat- the interviewer isn't even asking him any questions.

2. This commercial features rank ageism. We are supposed to assume that this interviewer is perfectly comfortable with the idea of rejecting the white-haired guy because- well, eww, he's like, old. I mean, who wants grampa hanging around the office eight hours a day, even if he can "do the job?" Has Just for Men ever heard of these annoying things called Age Discrimination Laws?

I suppose we should be grateful that the good people at Just for Men at least had the good sense to cut out the last few seconds of the original ad, in which the slimy interviewer with the hot legs takes her New Hire by the arm and leads him away cooing "I've got big plans for you." Again- See Objection No. 1. This would not fly if the sexes of these two people were reversed. Not for one minute. Because this isn't the 1950s, and this isn't a commercial for Ad Men.

We should also be grateful that at least this ad doesn't include a cameo by Keith "Home Run!" Hernandez or Jerome "Your Beard is Weird" Bettis. Very grateful. But still- why does Just for Men insist on insulting our intelligence like this?

It's the 21st century, people. Ready when you are.


  1. This has been a long time fav commercial of mine. I will do my own commentary along with it:

    Grey haired guy: "My hair says I have money"

    Dark haired guy: "My hair says my dick still works"

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for finally getting around to this commercial. It makes my skin crawl every time I see it. What, er, position is this man even interviewing for?