Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How many offensive stereotypes can you count in this commercial?

I have to admit, I'm really at a loss to understand what this commercial is trying to tell me. First, this woman has the most ridiculously annoying voice I've ever heard- my bet is that she's not a Texan, probably not even a Southerner, but the ad guys thought that she did a right-good fake Texas drawl and that girl who starred in The Dukes of Hazzard Movie said No to more commercials for Cable or Cable-related products, so she'd do. So we've got the dumb blonde from Texas. Check.

Second, what's with the old guy. I get the creepy idea that she's supposed to be her husband- so we've got the dumb blonde from Texas who is also a golddigger. Check.

Third, "Troy Barkman?" Really? And he's been trained to hunt down Redskins stuff? Ok, I think we've got dumb blonde from Texas who is a golddigger and is intolerant of non-Cowboys fans. Check. Or maybe just Redskins fan. Or maybe she's just a jackass.

Fourth, what's with the old guy? Sorry, I guess this is kind of a fixation, but- what IS his deal? Is he supposed to be brain-dead, depressed, senile, or what? And what IS his relationship with crazy annoying Cowboys fan? Is this clear to anyone? Could you explain it to me?

Oh, and BTW, Cowboys fan- your team isn't winning anything with Tony Romo as your QB. Just letting you know now.

(I wanted to post on the NFL Direct Ticket Commercial featuring the asshat Packers fan who gave a cheese platter to her non-Packers neighbors, with the cheese slices arranged to form the words "DIRT BAG"- ah, the hilarity- but I couldn't find it. What bothered me most about THAT commercial was the idea that anyone in Wisconsin would actually purchase orange cheese. I'm from Vermont- the "other, smaller Wisconsin," according to MST3K- and I don't know anyone who would go near orange cheese. Pardon the digression.)


  1. Whoever you are, I wish I knew what you keep trying to post here. If I have a following in China, I wish they'd at least sign up as Followers and visit the advertisers; I could use the money.

  2. Call me a fool if you will but I think about the only legislative initiative of Obama's the tea-baggers would approve of is a law imposing the death penalty for the use of transparently false Texan accents in television commercials.

  3. I used Bing translate for the Chinese characters and it came up "Look forward to you every article."
    I'll say it in English - Me Too!

  4. they're intentionally over-the-top stereotypes, playing on divisional rivalries.

    the nfl has been making ads like this for years. back in 1998, when I started watching football, it had to be explained to me that the reason all the folks in buffalo were throwing snowballs at the guy with the dolphins van in the nfl ad was because the two teams were rivals. it's all tongue-in-cheek.