Sunday, September 26, 2010

As Much Class as there are Calories

LOL this commercial is so funny! It has everything! In this I agree with all the thumbs up here at YouTube which btw is my favorite cite cept for Facebook LOL and I think this is the Best. Commercial. Ever. It's epic.

I mean, first of all, it's got these old guys who were in a similar commercial around 20 years ago, and John says he's old enough to remember it, which LOL makes it a super epic commercial, like Retro like A-ha or something and I totally agree with the YouTube comments here. Epic Epicness.

Then as if thats not enough you got these guys agreeing to be friends, which would be suck ass lame except you know someone's gonna get fucked over royal like u just wait and see. So that makes it funny 'cause you know it's not gonna last, so very epic.

Then here is the best part cause it happened to a friend of mine once and we all had a good LOL over it. The one guy takes out his smartphone when the other guy who thinks they are friends now and he videos the second guy drinking a Pepsi. When the second guy is like what the fuck? the first guy says "YouTube'd it." Then he shows him, and first let me say this is totally awesome cause the guy has no respect for the second guy's privacy, if he wanted privacy he should not have left the house FYI buddy everyone's got cameras in their phone if you didn't want to be on YouTube you shouldnta left the house moron LOL!

Then the second guy realizes hey I could lose my job when my bosses see this, so not only did this guy pretend to be a friend and then fuck him over with the YouTube'd thing but now the second guy maybe is going to get fired, which means he won't be able to afford soda at all anymore and say goodbye to your house if you've got a mortgage loser LOL!!

Then here is the best part which really puts the period on the epic epicness of this commercial. Next thing we know we've got the first guy being thrown through the window by the second guy LOL I hope that first guy is dead that would rock but then we wouldnt have a sequel which would totally suck because this commercial is so epic.

I think what is so great about his commercial is because its so real, I mean, at my YMCA the assholes who run it put up NO CELLPHONES IN LOCKER ROOMS which I think is really gay but I guess its because they think someone might YouTube someone showering or naked and boom its on YouTube LOL. Which would be so epic but I guess those guys dont think so they should get a life hey cellphones with video is here to stay and fuck privacy thats like so 20th century.

Anyway thats why I think this commercial is so epic awesome ROTFLMAO. I'm glad I got a chance to use this blog to say it but actually I think this is kind of a lame site LOL dont tell John LOL

--John Jamele's 13-year old intern, who volunteered to do this post because John had a headache from pounding his head against a wall


  1. Honestly, whether I would buy Pepsi Max or Diet Coke depends on which is cheaper that week.

  2. After this commercial, I think I'd pay an extra dime for Diet Coke.

    Besides- is it really such a big deal that Pepsi Max has zero calories? What does Diet Coke have, 1? Is this something to switch over?