Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh yeah, this marriage is going to last

The narrator of this commercial is so happy. I mean, she just got married to the Perfect Guy.

Except that he's got horrible taste, and no way is she tolerating it. Dogs Playing Poker poster? Got to go. Beer can collection? Not in HER house.

And except that he acted like a total baby when he learned that the equation is (OUR stuff= MY stuff -HIS stuff.)

That's ok, he'll grow up quick under this woman's thumb. I mean, it's not like she's demanding that he throw it away. She'd never be that unreasonable. She just wants it packed away where she will never, ever see it again, or be reminded of the time when he was a bachelor or had an identity beyond Her Husband.

So everything this guy has ever prized, everything he ever treasured, is packed away in a U Store It, locked up nice and tight, and for a few dollars a month, it will stay there. Probably not too many months though- I mean, really, how long can it be before this woman decides that her husband's crap isn't worth those few dollars a month, and decides to hold an impromptu yard sale? (I bet her husband acts like a baby when THAT happens, too.)

Message received and processed: Marriages aren't about respect or compromise. They are about one person getting what she wants, and the other person getting the hell out of the way. Lovely.


  1. It seems like she is admitting that this marriage will most likely end in a divorce. Otherwise why store something that you will never, ever use again?

  2. Excellent point- "we'll just store your stuff here, honey. It will make it easier when I throw your sorry ass out of my house."

  3. Also note that SHE moves in with HIM- which means that what was ok for him to own when they were dating is suddenly offensive and not to be tolerated now that she's in residence. It's not like they bought a house together- she moves in to HIS PLACE, and forces him to clean out HIS STUFF.

  4. What a lovely woman; I'll bet that she reads Angie's List religiously.