Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not the word I would use to describe you

There are two things that have always bugged me about commercials like this one (and this commercial is very, very familiar.)

First, the exaggerated response of the "actor" at center stage. No matter how tiny the victory being handed to this guy is, he must respond by acting like a deranged lunatic, or a small child. I mean, he won a freaking taco from Taco Bell. We are told that means he saved- wait for it- EIGHTY-NINE CENTS. No one in their right mind would jump up and down, scream, and physically assault people over this. How would this guy respond if he had just won a million dollars? Hard to imagine he could whip up MORE enthusiasm.

Second, the seriously depressing, nonchalant response of the woman who mysteriously knows what the fuss is, even though she's not standing anywhere near the idiot. "He thinks he won a taco"- ok, wait a minute. The fact that she knows this is what he's screaming about, and doesn't think he won- well, a million dollars- must mean that she's used to this kind of behavior from the dick. So why does she still find herself hanging around with him (the fact that she's asked what the fuss is strongly implies that they are together- WHY?)?? Also, what's the deal with the other people around this guy- instead of wondering if he's suffering from a heroin withdrawal, they seem to find his antics either A) just slightly beyond normal, or B) somewhat amusing. Why doesn't a single person here grab this guy and tell him to get himself a fricking clue and stop acting like a braying jackass?

I'll just wrap this up with a side note- this looks like a party, taking place at a rather upscale club. If that's what it is, why are they serving Taco Bell tacos, complete with game stickers attached? And there's a whole tray of tacos there- why would this guy be excited about winning something that seems to be available in unlimited supply, right there in front of him, anyway? What the hell?

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  1. I remember reading a Mad Magazine article about how closely 2001: A Space Odyssey matched up with real life. When they discussed 'tasteless synthetic food', we saw a picture of 'Taco Bell Chalupas'.