Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I"m assuming that all of these idiots are Libertarians?

I mean, what kind of Live Free or Die jagoff carries his pathetic "No gummint gonna tell me what I'm gonna do with my own skull" philosophy as far as refusing to wear a seat belt?

There's a very good reason for seat belt laws, none of which have anything to do with the Big Bad Nanny Government wanting to deprive you of your god-given right to be a clueless jackass.  You see, there's this annoying thing called Car Insurance that state laws require to buy so when you slam into someone while scrolling baseball scores on your smartphone instead of watching the damn road the medical bills which result won't be the responsibility of the person you hit.  And if we are all wearing seat belts, the chances are really good that the bill will be a lot lower than if we got tossed around (or out) of the vehicle upon impact.

It's not rocket science.  But if you are still wedded to your "principles" which require to you repeatedly threaten to have your nose shaved off by your steering wheel to spite your face, Man Up and just pay the fines.  Thoreau spent the night in jail rather than compromise HIS principles.  What's a hundred dollars or so compared to the satisfaction of knowing you didn't let the Big Bad Government Push You Around?

And when you are eating your meals out of a straw from your wheelchair because instead of a mild case of strap burn and a neck sprain you cracked your skull open on the dashboard while the steering column was severing your spine, don't ask your insurance company to pay out.  That's what a wuss would do.  You aren't a wuss- you proved that by refusing to wear a seat belt, remember?

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  1. Either that or they're Lynn Johnston thinking "Well, since I never flew through a windshield growing up, it ain't gonna happen now, Officer Pickyface!!"