Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wow, finally something for the terminally klutzy among us!

Ok, I can't really say anything too snarky about this commercial, because it kind of cute and if the product works at all as-advertised, it's probably a pretty useful thing to have around if you are one of those people who insisted on producing copies of yourself who tend to run around spilling liquids out of ordinary Not-Wow cups.

Still, I would have appreciated a "Do Not Attempt" disclaimer with the scene featuring the Wow Cup being shaken over "this expensive laptop."  Because really, you don't want to be doing that, and you don't want to try doing that just because The Commercial Told You You Could.*  I mean, show a little common sense, ok?

I'm also glad that this ad generally sticks to showing kids using the Advanced Sippy Cup.  Maybe a more recent Wow Cup commercial shows idiot adults sparing their expensive electronics and furniture by using it, but this one is reasonable because we all know that the only thing kids love more than drinking is spilling.  Not quite sure why that one kid needs to be guzzling liquids while sitting in church with his mom, though- does he have some form of terminal dry throat, or what?

*We are twice told that this cup is great for Flying Through Space.  Well, that's nice, and I'd totally encourage any kid to give it a shot.  I'd like a physicist to tell me if the liquid would actually spill from an ordinary cup in space, though.  On second thought, no I wouldn't.

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